LGD cash-strapped 8.5-generation LCD panel put on hold in Guangzhou

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August 30, LGD of the original groundbreaking ceremony in Guangzhou on the LCD panel, for some reason delayed.

“In early August we received a notice in Guangzhou City, was invited to Aug. 30 on behalf of the line held LGD8.5 groundbreaking ceremony, but last week they received a notice to postpone the ceremony started, some of this sudden change.” August 29, a TV company in charge told reporters the case.

The reporter learned from the Guangzhou Development Zone area, the opening ceremony of the delay was unilaterally proposed by South Korea LGD, but the Guangzhou municipal government is still in communication with the LGD, LGD Guangzhou adding 8.5 generation line item will not be canceled , but no later than the end of 2011 should start.

In November last year, after approval by the State Development and Reform Commission, Samsung Electronics Suzhou and Guangzhou LGD 7.5-generation line of 8.5 generation line when the start has been the focus of the panel industry. While the former was started on May 30 this year, while the latter twists and turns.

“The delayed start is mainly LGD reasons, because of its LCD panel business for two consecutive quarters of losses led to its cash flow is very tight.”

“Guangzhou LGD high-generation LCD panel to participate in the selection of items from the negotiations on spent more than two years, and received approval in the LGD of reasons, but because of delays started, including the project lead person, including the Guangzhou-related leaders are very anxious. “The Guangzhou Development Zone, the source said.

Guangzhou LGD project delayed in the industry led to much speculation. A source close to LGD’s color TV industry, said, “The delayed start is mainly LGD reasons, because of its LCD panel business for two consecutive quarters of losses led to its cash flow is tight, the first phase of the current need to invest $ 7 billion not in place, followed by the Guangzhou municipal government on the contract details are still in some negotiations still not complete agreement. ”

In fact, LGD side has been working with the Guangzhou municipal government and the downstream machine Skyworth strategic partners to communicate the reasons is its LCD panel industry changes over the past year.

As of August this year, the global LCD panel prices have dropped 14 consecutive months, at the same time, the global LCD TV shipments declined to only 7% increase, even during the first half of this year the Chinese market increased only 5%. In this case, only the second quarter of this year, the world’s four major panel makers appeared 80 million net loss, and including Samsung, LGD of the five panel makers, including the operating rate has fallen to 75%.

With the BOE (Hefei 6 Line, Beijing 8th generation line), and Suzhou Huaxing Power Samsung four-generation production lines have been started and in 2012 the global oversupply of LCD panels will be more severe.

In addition, LGD delayed start also has its own reasons. Last March, in the 8.5 generation line item LGD Guangzhou Development and Reform Commission for approval, while awaiting its approval and fear can not miss the golden age of the LCD panel, in its native South Korea to start building the second 8.5-generation line.

It is noteworthy that, has been hoping for LGD-generation line item to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of the Guangzhou Municipal Government, the LGD project not want to see is a continued delay in the amount of investment reached 40 billion, boosting GDP at least one thousand billion in major projects.

According to sources, once again postponed the ceremony, the LGD in the request, mainly in the first phase of funding is still difficult to place hope in Guangzhou, given some support in the capital, the two sides are still on the details of a new round of cooperation negotiations.

In fact, for Samsung, LGD and other foreign giants panels, its investment in China is still the inevitable choice, because 50% of global LCD TV production base in China, but also more critical of China’s tariff policy is expected to adjust.

Samsung Group research report shows that China plans in early 2012 the LCD module tariffs from the current 5% to 8% -10%, while the corresponding sub-class of LCD TV products will also be the current tariff 3% to 8% level, for both Samsung and LGD they need to accelerate construction of the LCD panel plant in China, may increase in response to China’s future plans related to tariffs. Guangzhou Development Zone, insiders say, LGD Guangzhou 8.5-generation line is still expected to start in the year.

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Teach you how to identify quality full-color LED display

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A full-color display is good or bad can be concluded from the following aspects:

1. Flatness
LED display on the surface flatness to within ± 1mm, to ensure that the display image is not distorted, partially raised or recessed display viewing angle can cause appears dead. The quality of flatness mainly by the production process.
(2) brightness and viewing angle
Indoor full color screen brightness to 800cd/m2 above, outdoor full color screen brightness to 1500cd/m2 above, in order to ensure the display of the work, or because it’s too dark and can not see the displayed image. Mainly by the brightness of the LED lamp beads the size of the good or bad decision.
Directly determines the size of the viewing angle of the LED display how much the audience, therefore the bigger the better. The size of the viewing angle of the main package from the die to decide.
3 white balance
White LED display effect is one of the most important indicators. Red, green and blue colors of the school taken in the ratio of 1:4.6:0.16 shown only when the pure white, if the actual proportion of any deviation will appear white balance bias, generally pay attention to whether there is bluish white, partial yellow-green phenomenon. White balance is good or bad by the LED display LCD module control system to decide, light beads of color reduction is also affected.
4 reduction of color
Reduction of color is the LED display on the reduction of color, both the color LED display shows the source color with the play in unison, so as to ensure the realism of the image.
5. Whether the mosaic, the phenomenon of dead
Mosaic is shown on the display light is usually black or a small four boxes, both modules necrosis, mainly due to the connector used for the display quality, but off.
Dead on the LED TFT display is lit or always dark there’s a single point, mainly by the number of dead is good or bad die to decide.
6. With or without color
Color is more obvious between adjacent modules of color, the color of the transition to the module as a unit, the color phenomenon is caused by the control system is poor, gray level is not high, due to lower frequency scanning .

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Two 8.5-generation LCD production line

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Out in media reports, LGD reason to postpone the construction of the project is the world’s large-size panel sales growing saturated, the market worried about oversupply.

    This view has also been part of the industry recognition. “LGD should postpone the line launched with the current market downturn panel has a direct relationship.” Ovid Qiu Wei, vice president consulting industry analysis said that as the current panel production capacity is far greater than the rate of release of the growth in demand, the panel processing the 70% rate or so, companies are faced with the loss of panel pressure.

    Data show that from March 2010 to June 2011, 42-inch panels fell from $ 423 $ 255 40-inch panels fell to $ 235 from $ 410, 32 inches fell $ 162 from $ 268. Earlier this month, LCD TV panel prices fell again, a drop of 2 to $ 8.

    In this regard, Qiu Wei said, compared to the other panel line, the 8.5 generation line amortization of the depreciation amount is quite high. To a 8.5-generation line of about 30 billion U.S. dollars investment, for example, the depreciation of South Korean companies are generally four years, China’s Taiwan manufacturers, compared with 5 +1 years of depreciation, the annual depreciation amount of $ 500 million to $ 750 million, “which makes manufacturer’s profit requirement is quite large. ”

    Data, LGD 2011 second quarter losses of $ 290 million recently and plans to invest $ 2.83 billion transformation of the existing panel production line to meet the needs of OLED panel production, and hope the second half of 2014 to begin mass production of OLED panel. The degree to public opinion doubt the 8.5-generation project in Guangzhou restart possibilities.

    However, Lee from want that, just postponed, not canceled. OLED also has a universal process, and technology, high investment cost of large, mass production and alternative to the final, very long time.

    “The project should still be building.” Qiu Wei believes that there is news that the state will raise import tariffs on LCD panel, once the tariff increase will be outside the panel to form giant enormous pressure, the LGD will not give up this opportunity. As the construction period of 18 months to 24 months, the project will eventually be about mass production in 2013.

Short-term positive competition

    “This panel manufacturers in China a good thing.” China Household Electrical Appliances Chamber of Commerce Marketing Committee, vice chairman of the Hong Shibin that, to postpone the project started to ease the pressure on the domestic panel business.

    Despite the current market environment is not optimistic, but China has two 8.5-generation production line recently.

    In late June, BOE 8.5 generation TFT-LCD production line put into operation in Beijing, a total investment of $ 28 billion, its main production 26-55 inches screen monitors and LCD TVs. Mass production, will achieve an annual output of liquid crystal display 13 million, annual production value of nearly 200 billion yuan. August 8, TCL Group’s Shenzhen Huaxing 8.5 generation LCD panel projects start with a total investment of 24.5 billion yuan, mainly produces 26-32 inches, 46 inches and 55-inch LCD TV modules, each year the amount of post-production About 14 million LCD TV modules.

    Hong Shibin that the above two lines and LGD of the 8.5-generation line of difference is that the former has a deeper meaning, namely “to improve the situation of the domestic market, dependence on imports”, even a loss can get on. For LG, the investment for profit.

    China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo believes that the current domestic panel manufacturers now is to mass production, cost control rate, and thus shorten the payback period, so as not to take more risks, into “the more losses the more investment, more The more investment loss “of the cycle.

    Hong Shibin expected domestic production has two 8.5-generation line of the end of this year to mass production, LGD of the 8.5 generation line delayed start, at least to the former half of the run-time for the project market space is still not completely divide rapidly Samsung and LG out.

    As well as market analysts believe that in the current market downturn, the recent international panel makers are strictly control production, reduce the amount of cast films. LGD time delay of 8.5-generation line to start, which means faster follow-up of new capacity out by the control, the equivalent of “cut in disguise”, China Taiwan’s flat panel business double tiger AUO, CMO, CPT and so will benefit Caijing .

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Corning Glass company plans to enter the OLED display market

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TV technology is not stagnant, as the LCD glass industry, a major supplier, Corning has been in development.

    The Fortune 500 companies developed a new use of organic light emitting diode (referred to as OLED) technology, television glass.

    OLED displays, OLED displays producers compared to LCD TVs that have a lot of advantages. Such as: energy, more colorful, contrast, stronger, thinner and have a wider viewing angle and so on.

    However, these advantages are a large number of consumers to make OLED TVs still questionable purchase.

    Corning’s chief financial officer, said: “We think that OLED displays will certainly become an important part of the industry, and we will develop more potential of OLED.”

    OLED short Corning glass and can not bring a lot of benefits. 2011 global demand for 10 million square feet of glass around the serial LCD glass demand this year, over 3 billion square feet.

    Corning fought an advantage of OLED glass, LDC glass equipment can also produce OLED glass, which means do not invest in the production of too much money on equipment.

    Corning in Asia, Korea, Japan, China Taiwan and has manufacturing facilities in Mainland China, the new production base is likely to be on Asia.

    LCD TFT display and OLED display OLED display the biggest difference is no backlight, because when the current passes through each pixel its own will be light.

    OLED TV now uses a double-glazing, some manufacturers only use a layer of prepared glass, Corning has made full preparations for this.

    Flaw, said: “No matter what kind of monitor they use, we will provide the appropriate glass, so that, if they need a single layer, we can provide single, this glass has a higher performance requirements, we intend to OLED becomes more important time to start selling OLED glass. “

Start the recommendations with an embedded ARM

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As many people always ask this question, so here to make a summary document for your reference. There must be described, the following steps are for Linux

System, not for WinCE. Perhaps you will notice that people are doing embedded, than people who do research do linux WinCE many people, many

Production house is also based on information provided by linux-based. I have been very difficult to understand, in fact, than linux WinCE interface interface pretty much, to use very

Convenient, more importantly, WinCE development and the development of essentially the same under Windows, is much simpler to learn, but learn to use linux or

who do embedded linux is more than WinCE. And many people who work in the exchange when I learned that their companies never consider using WinCE, because

High cost, is to use linux for development. There are few projects use vxwork, but not heard of using WinCE, and the reason is open

Source! Of course, also open source now WinCE6.0 heard, but the cost and resources in linux have no one can block the edge. In accord with this is that the more

A growing number of electronic manufacturers have started using linux product development. For example, Google recently developed smart phone operating system Android is actually

Is to use linux-2.6.23 kernel to improve to get.

First, learn the basic bare metal programming.

For those who learn the hardware, the hardware must have the basic use of perceptual awareness, but must be a profound understanding of the hardware control mode, if

Linux system started school, then school will immediately transplanted into a deep whirlpool. ARM7-time study or to maintain a 51 single school of thought

Dimension, using ADS to programming, the first experiment is to control the led. ARM learned over time people will laugh so stupid, in fact, is not, I’d

This process will feel much better, because no matter how complex systems will eventually be implemented in the bottom of the hardware control, so the hardware

With control like a lot of emotional understanding

Bare metal programming while learning to properly understand the hardware architecture, control theory, which I called him to understand the hardware. Understanding of the hardware is the so-called

Said, to understand how this organization is so much hardware resources, but also how these resources from the cpu, controlled by the programmer. For example, s3c2410

In AD converter, a GPIO (General Purpose IO ports), and nandflash controller, these things have some control registers, these registers are

Have an address, then these addresses mean? Through the register, how to control the operation of these peripherals? There, norflash internal

Each unit in the chip’s memory cell has a corresponding address, then the address and just said what the relevant register address

System? They are the same? With the corresponding nandflash norflash internal storage unit is not linear emissions, then how s3c2410

The address mapping in the nandflash on the use of memory space? Or simply be how to use nandflash? Again, the use of ADS into the ARM9
Line programming, we need to use the assembly to an initialization file, what file to use? He inside the code mean? Do this

Hardware such as these are understood, to understand these things on a deep understanding of the hardware, and this deeper learning of the future will be a great
Help, If you skip this step, learn the more I believe the longer it will feel confused, the more I write this stuff unfathomable. Because you did not lay the foundation.

But look at the first statement, I did not use the ADS program on the ARM9, ARM7 I was directly after completion of study on the use of ARM9 linux system, so

Involving the use of ADS program on the ARM9 is difficult to answer the question ^ _ ^ I own research to study it.
Second, the use of some basic linux system experiments.

When buying a board will generally provide some linux test routine, a good time to do this right, this process is very meaningful

, But also for the further accumulation of perceptual learning, can you imagine never used a linux system from people who can learn the linux programming? Good
The manual to do a routine to do on the inside of the experiment, although a little baby learning to walk, a bit mentally, but I think a lot of experts are going through this process


Third, the study of a complete system running linux.
The so-called complete linux system, including what part?

Three parts: bootloader, linux-kernel (linux kernel), rootfile (root file system).
So this is how the three parts work together to form this system? What is their use? What are the three links? How to contact? Implementation of the system
How the process is like? Understand this problem you run the whole system is very clear, making for the next step and lay the linux system

Another important foundation. Introduce this information online can tap into several tons, they carefully study it.

Fourth, system migration started.
Linux complete the above mentioned three parts, and you also know the relationship between them and the role, so now you have to do is learn it yourself  to produce these things.

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“Cluster development” to bring prosperity, Guangdong Province, the optoelectronics industry

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As countries around the world growing awareness of energy saving and optical display technology matures, the LED and LCD as the representative of the rapid development of the global photovoltaic market. LED in the LED, backlight, display, traffic signs, automotive applications, landscape lighting and other areas more widely, especially in the lighting field, with the LED continue to lower the cost per lumen, luminous efficiency increased gradually, heat gradual resolution of the problem and the gradual improvement of power system, LED will be gradually moved from the existing landscape lighting, LED lights and other common market to extend the commercial market, LED lighting market will truly enter into the high-speed development period, thus becoming an important driving force of growth in the LED industry . In the LCD field, around the year 2000, foreign as well as parts of China Taiwan LCD panel makers invest in LCD module plant in turn began a large-scale distribution of the Chinese mainland, including Samsung, LG, AUO, Chimei, Sharp, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Han Yu Caijing and other major global panel manufacturers. Early module plant products mainly notebooks, PC monitors with the main module, with the rapid growth of demand for LCD TVs in recent years, companies began to shift the focus panel LCD TV modules. After a few years of development, China has become the world’s largest LCD module production base.

To develop new industries in the history of strategic opportunities, the optoelectronics industry as an important starting point and will also usher in rapid development period, continued growth of industrial scale, industrial level continues to increase.

Guangdong Province in southeastern China, the Pearl River Delta region, the domestic production base of important electronic machine has been formed. In recent years, Guangdong Province, the layout of the optoelectronics industry through active upstream industry chain, to further enhance the industrial competitiveness. At present, Guangdong has taken shape in Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Shanwei and Dongguan cities in LCD and OLED-based industrial base to Dongguan, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Jiangmen city-based LED industry base. Especially in the field of LED, the Pearl River Delta is the largest LED package base, at present, Guangdong LED packaging production accounts for about 70%, accounting for 50% of the world, the country’s leading industrial scale.

At present, Shenzhen is the largest LED packaging, application production gathering area. Shenzhen LED industry is basically relying on the electronic information industry development initiative formed in certain industrial districts formed a cluster, showing the relative concentration of Baoan District, southern mountain characteristics. And gathering from the business perspective, Shenzhen LED companies are located in the upper reaches of the substrate material, wafer, the middle chip, package, downstream applications and supporting materials, processing and testing equipment and other links, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain of domestic and midstream and downstream industry chain, the formation of a certain industrial cluster. In the LCD, in addition to have ultra-deep optical lines of 5 generations away, TCL’s investment in Shenzhen, 8.5-generation flat panel display line makes a major breakthrough in industrial distribution, industrial facilities around the TCL are being improved.

At this stage in the country to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, develop new industrial growth point of this strategic task under the guidance of the 21st century as the most promising sunrise industry, optoelectronics industry has become the focus of development at all levels of government. Guangdong Province, although a higher level of development of the optoelectronics industry, also has a number of industry more competitive business, but local governments have increased with the development of the optoelectronics industry guidance and support, industry homogeneity, disorder are beginning to appear. Especially repetitive investment is exacerbated to some extent, unnecessary competition among enterprises. Therefore, the development of Guangdong Province in the optoelectronic industry on the basis of existing, should strengthen the innovation and exploration, the development of the optoelectronics industry to maintain its leading position, in accordance with market rules, to adapt to the application environment, with industrial development competitiveness of the optoelectronics industry development.

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medium size liquid crystal display supplier

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The company is mainly small and medium size liquid crystal display supplier, the downstream product demand, with the equity investment projects into production, the company production capacity will be further released at the same time, both high delivery concept.

The company is mainly small and medium size liquid crystal display supplier. Our main products are small and medium size TN / STN panels, TN / STN modules and TFT module, which are widely used in communication terminals, home appliances, consumer electronics and other fields. In the TN / STN panels and modules market, the company has some technology and scale advantages, market share, the top five in the domestic market. Domestic small and medium size enterprises is a major supplier of TFT modules, one with ZTE, Huawei, backgammon, Midea, Gree, TCL and other world-renowned enterprises to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations. With the rapid development of information technology and globalization, liquid crystal display manufacturing to mainland China transfer was evident. 3G demand-led growth in the downstream industry in 2009, the year of China’s 3G investment of 143.5 billion yuan to build base stations 285,000, more than 10 million users. According isuppli forecasts, driven by growth in 3G subscribers, China Mobile will maintain a 30% compound annual growth rate, which will effectively pull in the upper reaches of small-size LCD panel demand is expected in 2010 demand will reach 14.95 million square meters 2005 to 2010 CAGR of 27.4%. In addition, office and home intelligent and human development, but also to promote the rice cooker, water dispenser and other new applications are emerging, market capacity is increasing. Therefore, in order to meet the demand for downstream products, the company raised investment to accelerate the process of commissioning of the project, the project will significantly enhance the company’s production capacity to further strengthen and expand the company’s main business, prospects are bright.

New Year’s Day, a listed company opened the curtain of the 2009 annual report, first annual report – S * ST set Qi Annual Report will be unveiled on June 12. High transfer price is usually periodic reports with the disclosure, appears twice a year, that is, before and after the disclosure in its annual report and semi-annual disclosure before and after. Especially since the start of the share reform of 2005, almost every year in December the following year to play before the end of April, the report disclosed, the market will appear more obvious annual market, and high transfer price concept is led in the concept. Yu Shun Electronics as the second in the small cap shares, high transfer potential. First, the company capital fund of up to 3.78 yuan per share, retained earnings per share was 1.28 yuan, the good performance of listed companies with significant potential for high delivery. Second, the company as one of the leading sub-sector, small capital, outstanding, only 18.5 million, capital expansion of the kinetic energy of a stronger bigger and stronger. Finally, the company’s shares this year’s listing of times and never send transfer allotment, the future existence of high delivery expectations. Thus, in the A-share market speculation gaosongzhuan gradually expand the context of the company as a high transfer potential of stocks, investors can focus on.

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LED strong stock market performance

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 Currently, LED stocks have three optical, Silan, shares the same side Xindeco, Fanta, sun lighting, Fukuda Electronics, Shanghai Belling, China Microelectronics, Foshan Lighting, Aucma, dry according to optical, Ruifeng power, Hongli Opto-electronic, Chau Ming technology, electronic Alto, BDO Runda, Union Optical, etc.

    LED industry in addition to lighting, the still smart phones, tablet PCs and other fields have a wide range of applications. With smart phones, tablet PCs and prosperity and the rapid penetration of LED LCD TV upgrade, LED backlighting LED market for promoting the rapid growth of short-term the main driver. 2009 LED LCD TV penetration rate of only 3%, but the first half of 2010 and quickly rose to 16%, means being able to quickly meet the LED backlight industries starting new enterprises of high growth momentum.

    Government support and, driven by new applications this year than last year, China’s LED market is expected to raise 23%. As the more widely used in LCD TVs and street lighting, LED not only become a popular Chinese-made products, and is very attractive investment.

    In addition, LED industry clusters and emerging industrial base in order to scale of the industry ranked first in Guangdong Province, Huizhou, Career, BYD lighting and a number of over 10 billion investment project in Guangzhou on LED; Germany and Europe OSRAM and so have sent to Guangdong, Konka, Skyworth, Han’s Laser and other listed companies in mergers and acquisitions, to increase their investment into the LED industry, etc.; Dongguan Kingsun, Dongguan Fu, Fenghua Hi-Tech, etc. over a hundred million of the LED scale backbone enterprises, have been initially the total size of the formation of a super-LED industry with 50 billion yuan.

    Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow Li Yuheng said that in the double positive policy and market situation, a pool of technical and policy-edge companies, such as sun light, Furi Electronics, Union Optical, Xindeco and other long-term market-leading position and benefit from.

    Societe Generale Securities in the LED industry, recently released research report that the current can focus on LED lighting applications and has a brand of high-quality chips and other areas, to maintain the LED sub-industry “recommended” rating.

    Societe Generale Securities pointed out that the LED industry, product mix and customer structure factors, so that domestic enterprises and LED TV LED backlight boom correlation smaller, but still faces slowing demand, production capacity oversupply risks. If the lack of demand, only have the technical capabilities and cost management, and actively explore new areas of enterprise application products can survive in the industry reshuffle.

    GF Securities that, starting in 2011, LED industry will enter the high growth era. 2011 to 2012, output value will reach $ 14 billion and 205 billion U.S. dollars, the growth rate reached 40% and 46%, LED industry into the high growth track, this year there is explosive growth in LED lighting possibilities.

    Orient Securities analyst Zhou benefits that new energy in recent years, on the one hand by the national industrial policy role in promoting a positive factor, especially in landscape lighting, local government financial subsidies, which greatly stimulated the development of LED industry, thus driving the LED significantly reduce product cost; the other hand, it is technological progress, but also production costs decline rapidly. Therefore, the LED industry, recently received funding clearly shares of all ages.

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Qi Mei LCD 96VD low-carbon energy market

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With global climate warming and the deterioration of the natural environment, the lives of low-carbon energy to become the world’s major cities are advocating a new life. As the world’s photovoltaic supply chain, an important part of Taiwan-based Qi Mei panel makers entered the China market since has been adhering to the green, the concept of low carbon and energy-efficient products, electronic products launched in the low-carbon energy boom. intelligent lcd module

    2011 Qi Mei Ying flagship product V-Series is a very stunning green design, green production and actively improve the product, raw materials and links, to reduce carbon emissions to ensure a new generation of low-carbon energy products Qi Mei. Chi Mei Ying stunning V-series products not only great access to the relevant departments of China’s recognition of low-carbon energy, and its new three-dimensional display, high image quality, energy saving / lightweight technology makes the product more popular with consumers of all ages.

 In the visual technology, Qi Mei 96VD impeccable display with advantages in the left upper right corner of the Qi Mei 96VD display their models and were marked with the Chromax technology, 10 million: 1 dynamic contrast. Technology with Qi Mei which Chromax unique skin brightening technology SCE, NCE vivid color calibration technology, CTI and LTI edge color enhancement technology edge brightness correction technology, making the display more vivid colors, sharper picture quality.

    Unique CCE Pro color genetic engineering technology to enhance the color richness; new high-brightness LED backlight makes the display clear; high diffusion diffuser, light guide plate and the diffusion of high optical module makes the display light source is more uniform; edge of the screen color enhancement technology to make video more accurately; recommended that Qi Mei V series original three-dimensional color gamut technology to provide 720-degree three-dimensional color gamut, the color adjustment to the professional.

Qi Mei LCD 96VD green design, green production makes the Qi Mei LCD products in the new low-carbon energy efficiency recognized by the industry, and its performance with world-class high-Mei diffusion light guide plate technology, edge-lit high CRI LED backlight, which makes 96VD perfect image to show a trade surplus and the most uniform color purification. Qi Mei also 96VD equipped with CCE PRO color genetic engineering and ten million high dynamic contrast, slim appearance, the release of internal energy-efficient, making the product not only visually stunning black and white and beautiful, such a good intelligent lcd Display not to be missed.

Pull the chain of liquid crystal display panel

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As one of China’s electronic information BOE hundred ushered in an important moment, BOE Beijing first 8.5-generation TFT-LCD production line. This will not only greatly BOE product structure optimization, greatly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, also marks the flat panel display industry in mainland China has entered a stage of development of newer, long time, China relies heavily on imports of LCD panels history will end.
According to BOE President Chen Yanshun introduction to Beijing BOE 8.5 generation line core, Beijing Digital TV Industrial Park has attracted Corning, TPV Technology and Sumitomo Chemical, and many other Fortune 500 companies come close to matching, involving liquid crystal glass, chemicals, polarizer, backlight and other key primary and secondary material supplier. In this 2.6 square kilometers of the park, you can achieve a complete industrial chain, so that “quartz sand transported into, out of the machine.” Currently, around 8.5-generation line form BOE Beijing’s total investment has exceeded 65 billion yuan, output value is expected to form over hundreds of billions of industrial clusters.

BOE to attract well-known companies active on the upstream and downstream facilities, while pulling effect on investment, there is a huge industry driving the effect. Liquid crystal display industry is a strong driving force and radiation industry, is a new generation of information technology is one of the three basic industries, the key components of glass substrate, liquid crystal material, backlight components, polarizers, IC, chemical materials such as localization, the promotion of China’s electronic information industry base devices and materials, technical progress and industrial upgrading of great strategic significance.

Through the accumulation of 8 years, with the BOE LCD panel manufacturers and other domestic scale of the gradual expansion of production capacity, China’s TFT-LCD materials and devices of the degree of localization is close to 60% of the expected five years is expected to more than 90%.

With the development of liquid crystal display industry, raw materials, foreign manufacturers have entered the mainland China: glass, polarizers, backlight and other manufacturers are interested in investment in the mainland factory built front-end. The strength of domestic raw material manufacturers have gradually started to participate in the LCD industry, rainbow glass, Lucky polarizers and other projects have been started.

In addition, the BOE constantly self-construction of new production lines, but also directly contributed to the upgrading of China’s equipment manufacturing industry, which is to achieve “five-second” economic restructuring is of great significance. Because the equipment manufacturing capacity is a measure of the level of industrialization of a country is one important criterion.

Back in 2003, the BOE first intelligent lcd panel production line – Beijing five-generation line of equipment is almost one hundred percent imported. 4.5 generation line by BOE Chengdu, Hefei 6 Line of independent construction, mainland China’s BOE to drive liquid crystal display-related equipment market needs a strong impetus to the domestic equipment manufacturing process. According to Chen Yanshun, at present China has Sevenstar, National Tsing Hua days of dozens of enterprises to enter the equipment manufacturing TFT-LCD equipment. Almost from scratch, based on our equipment localization rate has now been raised to about 10%. The next five years, China’s LCD industry, the equipment is expected to reach the localization rate of 30% or more.

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