The world’s major chip manufacturing companies have launched their own microcontroller, from the 8-bit, 16-32, numerous, everything, C51 series are compatible with the mainstream, there are not compatible, but they are distinctive, each as complementary for microcontroller applications world wide.

Throughout the development process of the microcontroller, can predict the development trend of Microcontroller, roughly:

1. Low-power CMOS technology

8031 MCS-51 family of launch power of 630mW, and now about SCM in general are 100mW, with lower and lower power requirements on the microcontroller, and now every single chip manufacturers have adopted the basic CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor process). As the 80C51 on the use of HMOS (ie, high-density metal oxide semiconductor process) and CHMOS (high-density complementary metal oxide semiconductor process). Although CMOS low power consumption, but because of its physical characteristics determine the speed of their work is not high enough, and is equipped with high-speed CHMOS and low power consumption, these characteristics more suitable for the requirements of low power applications such as battery-powered . Therefore, this technology will be the development of the coming period the main way infineon MCU.

2. Miniature monolithic

Now the conventional single chip are generally the central processor (CPU), random access data storage (RAM), read-only program memory (ROM), parallel and serial communication interface, interrupt system, the timing circuit, clock circuit integrated in a single chip, enhanced integrated microcontroller, such as A / D converter, PMW (pulse width modulation circuit), WDT (Watchdog), some microcontrollers to LCD tft driver circuit are integrated on a single chip, This microcontroller unit circuit contains more features the more powerful. SCM vendors and even the user’s requirements can be tailored according, to create a single chip with its own characteristics.

In addition, the product is now the universal demand small size, light weight, which requires strong and microcontroller functionality in addition to low power consumption, but also requires the volume to be small. Many microcontrollers now have a variety of packages, including SMD (surface mount) is becoming more popular, making the system constituted by a single chip micro-moving direction.

3. The mainstream and many varieties exist

Although now a wide variety of microcontroller, with different features, but still mainstream though 80C51 microcontroller core, compatible with its structure and command system are the company’s products PHILIPS, ATMEL company’s products and China Taiwan’s Winbond MCU. Therefore, the core of the microcontroller C8051 occupy half. The Microchip’s PIC reduced instruction set (RISC) also had strong growth momentum, China Taiwan’s HOLTEK production companies in recent years, increasing the microcontroller, the advantages of high quality with low price, occupy a certain market share. MOTOROLA addition to the company’s products, several major companies in Japan dedicated microcontroller. In a certain period of time, this situation will be able to continue, there is a single chip will not be the monopoly of world domination, taking the complementary interdependence, complementarity and common development.